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In the centre of Poilhes is what remains of an elm planted in the time of Sully (a minister of Henri IV) as well as two ancient English canons, which stand on the bank of the canal.

These were found on the sea bed off the coast at Agde in the 1970s, but their origin is unknown. It is thought that they were seized from the English army after the Revolution during a siege against Toulon, siege in which a certain Bonaparte is said to have taken part…

But it is more likely that the canons were obsolete and thrown overboard from a British ship crossing the Mediterranean. Archeologists have discovered numerous relics in and around Pöilhes.

One of the largest open-air camps dating from the Aurignacian period was discovered in the commune. Unfortunately the site is not open to the public but reserved for research; however it can be visited at certain times. Nearby is the hill of Ensérune with its famous oppidum and close by the Via Domitia, a famous Roman road built while the Romans were conquering the South of Gaule.

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