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centre for tourism research

In its role of providing assistance and information and promoting tourism, the tourist office works to reconcile supply and demand.  

It can also advise project directors to help provide an overview of supply and demand and market trends.


Are you a project director or a tourism professional? Are you looking for figures and analysis to help you keep up with changes to tourism in the region?

This document offers key tourism indicators for our 17 villages.


Aside from providing this information, we are also happy to help you interpret the data, and adapt it to your needs to ensure you make the best use of it.

To find out the benefits offered by classification or the various labels, or if you just want to be kept updated on regulations, the tourist office is also here to advise you!

Contact :
Nathalie Jeune au 00 33(0) 04 67 37 85 29 ou


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