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A long public garden

Long jardin public

It is a perpetual, fast-changing garden that may be the longest one in the region: 240 kilometers from Toulouse to Sète. The Canal du Midi is lined with plane trees but also with oaks, ash trees, poplars or cypresses and majestic pines. You can also find along its banks wild irises, rushes and loosestrifes. It borders the wonderful landscapes from Sète to the Étang de Thau, Agde, Vias, Béziers and Capestang up to Olonzac where it leaves the Hérault department to cross the Aude one.

The Canal du Midi, which is a real floral work of art, also holds architectural and patrimonial treasures: locks, bridges, canal bridges, aqueducts, spillways... the list of the works that Pierre Paul Riquet and Vauban thought through is very long!

Anyway, it is the most enjoyable place! The towpath allows to do a lot of activities: you can have a walk there, hike along the water, go for a jog or ride a bike along it or even go rollerblading.

There is something for every taste: sportsmen and sportswomen can go canoeing or they can row; if you have a family, you can enjoy piloting an electric small boat. But in any case, you mustn’t forget to have bread to feed ducks !

If you are in a group, some barges greet you for an unusual day, no matter what you have to do - a visit, an event to celebrate or a meeting to host.

You can also decide to navigate on the Canal du Midi but there are also many activities you can choose from: go onboard a river boat with guided tours for a few hours; as for the « coche de plaisance » (houseboat), it allows to pilot just for a weekend, a short week or an entire week with family or friends, a good time to share.

Why not have a love night on board a hotel barge or a guest riverboat? It is an unforgettable experience, especially as you can often enjoy those small boats to go on a timeless cruise !

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