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Le Parc Australien (Carcassonne)

Chemin des Bartavelles - 11090 Carcassonne

Animal and leisure park just 3 minutes from the medieval city of Carcassonne.

A refreshing and original outing with an Australian theme to delight both children and adults alike.
You’re sure to be amazed by the kangaroos, wallabies, ostriches and numerous other animals.

Includes events for kids, picnic areas, souvenir shop.




The completely original and unmissable Parc Australien is situated just a stone’s throw from the medieval city of Carcassonne and promises an unforgettable experience!

Come as a family and explore some incredible wildlife, walk alongside an ostrich, stroke a wallaby, and discover this year’s newest arrivals - baby orphan kangaroos – drinking milk from a bottle! Try out some traditional Australian games and tag along with the gold rush, or learn all about Aboriginal Australians – Australia’s very first inhabitants – and their culture and art. You’ll also become a pro with boomerangs, watch a bullroarer whirl and get a chance to blow into a digeridoo. It’s a guaranteed change of scenery!


adults: 10€

Children: 7€

Adults group: 7,40€

School group: 4,70€

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