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Béziers Aventure (Béziers)

Route de Bessan Bois de Bourbaki - 34500 Béziers

This activity offers thrills in a safe environment, with a tree-top adventure trail where you advance from one tree to another via various high-ropes activities.

* Monkey bridges
* Zip wires
* Scramble nets
* Stepping logs

You will be guided round the trail by qualified staff and each participant is fitted with suitable equipment to make this a safe, fun and/or sporty activity for both children and adults.

This new concept is suitable for all members of the public and Béziers Aventure is open to everyone from the age of 3 upwards. All kids’ trails are now equipped with a continuous life-line system.

This adventure offers a mix of outdoor physical activity and fun that can either be enjoyed alone or as a group, and participants will come away with the satisfying feeling of having pushed their own limits.


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