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Walks and hikes

There are numerous circuits dotted all around the villages that allow you to discover some spectacular panoramic views in a totally unspoilt setting.

In this region of wind and sun, imbued with the heady scent of savory, thyme and pine forest, make your way through the gentle scenery of the Canal du Midi and garrigue scrubland, right into the heart of the Saint-Chinian, Minervois and Languedoc appellation vineyards.


There are 18 signposted routes available for you to access:

Easy and medium-difficulty routes

Range from 1.45 hours to 6.30 hours of walking

To help you find your way and give you an idea of the surrounding countryside, walking maps are available at the information points of the tourist office for the Canal du Midi to Saint Chinian area.

The routes are displayed as individual pages that can be bought on their own or as a kit from our shop. Each walking map includes a map of the route, a description, tourist information, the level of difficulty and the duration.

18 maps available: Le Canal du Midi (Capestang - 13km), Le Prieuré Saint Christophe (Puisserguier - 11.5km), La Croix de Juillet (Quarante - 8.4km), Les berges du canal (Quarante - 13km), Les Bories (Creissan - 7.7 km), Défilé de Marie Coquette (Cruzy - 9.3km), Saint Bauléry (Cébazan - 7.8km), Le Dolmen (Cébazan - 7.7km), Les Bousigues (Assignan- 7km), Les Barralets (Assignan - 6.5km), Sorteilho (Saint Chinian - 10km), Les Clapàs (Saint Chinian - 10km), Le Priou (Pierrerue - 17km), Saint-Martin-de-Dounaro (Prades-sur-Vernazobre - 8.7km), Les Bords de l'Orb (Cessenon-sur-Orb - 13km), Coumiac (Cessenon-sur-Orb - 8km), Le puech de Ligne Nègre (Cazedarnes - 5.3km), L'abbaye de Fontcaude (Cazedarnes - 17.5km)

Understanding the countryside:

Numerous pechs (or small hills) overlook the lagoons of Poilhes and Capestang, gems of biodiversity reminiscent of the Camargue and a reminder of Mediterranean Sea that used to cover this area. In clear weather, you can even spot the Mediterranean and Mont Canigou in the Pyrénees.

Heading into the nearby garrigue scrubland, as you walk, you’ll advance through pine trees and holm oak trees. The latter are the result of ancient human activity that favoured them over the vast white oak forests that they replaced. Characteristic of Mediterranean limestone areas, the garrigue scrubland is made up of plants that boast unique features as a result of significant adaptation to difficult conditions. Hidden among them are numerous treats just waiting for you to pick and savour them – mushrooms, wild asparagus, rocket, blackberries, figs, etc.

As you cover the area with a botanist’s eye, the ground beneath your feet will also reveal a geological view of the region’s history. Step back in time and imagine the strange animal and plant species that populated these lands, which for a long time remained underwater. For those whose curiosity knows no bounds, you can extend your trip by visiting the Museum of Cruzy, which is renowned for its digs and its fossils of dinosaurs, cœlacanths and tortoises.

Despite sharing a common identity, shaped by the same lifestyle and the same culture, each village in this region has its own personality. Wander along the narrow streets in this authentic Mediterranean region to discover its architectural charms and its wealth of heritage.

All our circuits can be found on the website of our partner organisation, Cirkwi , which will help you plan your walk:

  • View and select a circuit
  • Discover the major sites and best panoramic views of our beautiful region
  • Download the coordinates for your GPS device
  • Print your route
  • Calculate the difficulty of a route

    Cirkwi has thought of everything to make walkers’ lives easier.



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