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A wine growing village, Puisserguier has a rich past dating from the Iron Age. 

An extensive neolithical necropolis was discovered there recently. In the Middle Ages, the village was fortified and became an important stage along the pilgrims’ way of St. Jacques de Compostelle. Over the centuries, Puisserguier spread out beyond the original walls of the feudal castle and the Promenade became the new centre of village life. The castle, in the process of being restored, is open to visitors. During the Crusade against the Cathar heretics in 1209 the castle was seized by Simon de Montfort’s armies.

St. Paul’s church, built over a period stretching from 11th Century to 14th Century, has been restored many times. Two paintings by a local artist, Jacques Gamelin, (who lived in the 18th Century), illustrating episodes from the life of St. Paul, are most interesting.

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