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The church of Notre Dame de la Barthe (Saint Chinian)

Rue de l'Eglise - 34360 Saint Chinian

The parish church of Notre Dame de la Barthe was ravaged by religious wars. Repairs to the façade have preserved two of the Roman arches from the old building.

Hidden away inside is an outstanding 18th century organ, which was listed as a historical monument in 1976. It is attributed to J.B. Micot, and includes 1919 pipes, 100 of which are on the façade.


Built at the location of a chapel of the same name that was first mentioned in the 9th century, it replaces the early parish church situated outside of the walls in Saint-Cels. It was initially modest in size. It was damaged on several occasions during the religious wars (1568 – 1578). It was subsequently rebuilt and enlarged between 1582 and 1695. It was during this reconstruction work that the church took on its current dimensions.


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