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Brasserie Alaryk (Béziers)

2 rue des Poiriers - 34500 Béziers

Alaryk craft brewery is renewing Beziers' brewery tradition, which goes back two centuries.

Located near the Neufs Écluses, Alaryk craft brewery welcomes you to come and discover exceptional, organic and sustainable beer.

Exceptional: our beer is brewed from the best malts and hops, sourced from the best European malt house, using quality French barley.

Organic: all our beer's ingredients are produced by organic farming.

Sustainable:  we are committed to a sustainable approach, respecting our environment, energy savings and in an ethical vision of commercial and working relationships.

Come meet us in Béziers to try our wide range of beer.

Exceptional beers : they are brewed from the best hops and malt, from the best European malthouse, using quality french barley.

Organic beers: all ingredients of our beers are orrganic.

Responsible beers : we are commited to a responsible approach, respecting the environment, energy savings and with an ethical vision of work and commercial practices.

Come to Béziers and visit our cellar, and why not have a taste of our large selection of beers.

Languages spoken : French, English, Spanish 

Visits, guided tours, and educationnal tours ( by appointment ) all year long                      

Lasts 35 mins - Price : 3€


Label : Sud de France, AB, Origine France Garantie

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