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Chapel of Notre Dame de Nazareth (Saint-Chinian)

- 34360 Saint-Chinian

The chapel that sits on the hill called “la Corne” or “the Horn” (“Saint Chinian de la Corne” is an old name for the village) is today a pilgrimage site as well as an impressive tourist attraction that dominates the town of Saint Chinian and the Vernazobres valley.


Legend has it that in the year 840 the Virgin Mary appeared to a shepherd. However, it wasn’t until the year 1102 that this sacred place was first mentioned in the charter of the archbishop of Narbonne.

In 1120, following the return of the first crusade to the Holy Land, it was given the name of Nazareth. The Benedictine monks who founded the abbey of Saint-Aignan at the start of the 9th century were certainly aware of the construction of the first chapel.

In 1789 during the French Revolution, the chapel, which had become national property, was closed to worship. It was only at the start of the 19th century that it once again became the sacred place we know today.

You can discover this extraordinary site by following a 7 km footpath leaving from Saint Chinian.

Group tours are available on appointment only.

Guided tours of the chapel and the site are offered every Tuesday in July and August (minimum 5 people, must be registered at the tourist office).


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