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Old Benedictine abbey and cloister (Saint-Chinian)

- 34360 Saint-Chinian

The old Benedictine abbey dedicated to Saint-Anian (which since 1855 has served as the town hall) dates from the 9th century. No trace of it remains today. Modest in size, it was home to twelve monks and flourished up to the 13th century, when its cloister is thought to have been built.

Inside, the main staircase is decorated with trompe l’oeil frescoes and leads up to the media library. The town hall garden was once the monks’ vegetable patch and private garden.

The old abbey church was plundered and ruined during the French Revolution, during which it lost its apse. It is now used as a community hall.

In 2005, the cloister was renovated and listed as a national heritage site. Its fountain and garden are the ideal spot for taking some time out to relax.

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