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Le Village Castigno (Assignan)

7 carriera dals Camps Assignan

Château Castigno weaves the enchanting story of life in the French countryside, offering an innovative concept : hybrid holidays. Village Castigno, located in Assignan in the Haut Languedoc, is a small rural village, nestled in a rustic, authentic  setting.

Wine defines who we are, it has done so for over 10 centuries, and through wine, friendliness, food and the abundance of our terroir's fruit. 

Village Castigno offers this experience : living in our reformed winemaker's houses, at the heart of Assignan, where the corridors of your suites become the cobbled lanes of the tiny village. .

3 houses are on offer, in former grape-picker houses, originally converted barns and the winemaker's home for groups and families :

La Maison d'Amis (the winemaker's home, with 6 to 9 rooms, large terrace and private pool. Sophisticated decor.

Villa Rouge (a private villa with two rooms, living-room, dining-room two large terraces and a swimming pool)

Maison Vic (small two story grape-picker's home, at the heart of the village, with 1 bedroom, dining-room/living-room and kitchen area. Acces to Village Castigno's pool.)

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